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In Ireland the Bathroom has become one of the main rooms of the home. How much time have you spent relaxing in the bath or revitalising yourself in the shower ? The bathroom is now one of the most used rooms in the home. Whether it is designed for family use or as a place of relaxation, everyone has their own favourite bathroom design and style and this is a reflection of your personality and likes.

What does your bathroom say about you ?

Bathrooms Ireland

Deciding on a Bathroom requires proper planning both on design and also quality workmanship so that the finished Bathroom is a welcoming comfortable space that allows you and your family many hours of relaxation and joy.

There are many new advances what is put into a bathroom such as hot tubs, jacuzzi baths , radios and even TV's can be installed in a bathroom.

Deciding on the bathroom suites , bathroom tiles and other bathroom accessories is not an easy process but we here at Bathrooms Ireland plan to make that process easier and smoother.

We have ideas and suggestions on how to plan your bathroom design and then we have a directory of Bathroom manufacturers and suppliers in Ireland.

Browse our Bathrooms Ireland website. We are continually adding more sections to the site so make sure you check back often.